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Rental terms 2018


The contract

The contract includes the house with furniture and waste management. Final cleaning as well as consumption of water and energy is included in the rental price.


The tenant can at any time – in writing –cancel the contract. Cancellation charges are calculated as follows:
Cancellation before 60 days prior to arrival – 50% of the rental price, the deposit and the amount for cleaning and consumption will be refunded.

Cancellation up to 14 days prior to arrival – 25% of the rental price, the deposit and the amount for cleaning and consumption will be refunded.

We will charge an administration fee of DKK 200.00 for the cancellation.

Transfer of the contract

The tenant may – against an administration fee of DKK 200.00 – transfer the contract to another tenant.

Cleaning – the tenant’s liability

Final cleaning is included in all stays and is included in the rental price.
The tenant is obliged to treat the house properly and to ensure that upon departure the rented property is left clean and tidy. Removing dishes, cleaning the oven and refrigerator and removing garbage is not part of the final cleaning and must be done by the guests prior to departure.

If the tenant brings a dog, he/she is obliged to clean the property for dog hair prior to departure.

Damages on house or household goods

The tenant is liable for all things belonging to the property and is also liable – prior to the departure – to replace possible self-inflicted damages on the property or the household goods. In case of any damages arising during the rental period, tenant is liable to immediately inform the landlord hereof so that the problem can be taken care of.

The landlord does not assume liability whatsoever in respect of the tenant or his/her property. Thus the tenant alone is responsible for his/her insurance coverage.


The tenant pays – together with the remaining part of the rent – a deposit of DKK 3,500.00. This amount is paid as security for any possible extra costs that may be inflicted on the landlord, for instance missing tidying up/cleaning, destroyed property, an extraordinarily high consumption of water and energy, or ascertainment of smoking indoor.

The deposit or the balance will be refunded to the tenant no later than 14 days after his/her departure.

Settling of water and energy

Water, heating and electricity are included in the rental price and calculated at DKK 178.00 per day/night.
However, we check the consumption meters prior to arrival and upon departure, and if the consumption turns out to be extraordinarily high, the landlord may, against proper documentation, be reimbursed from the deposit.


Immediately after the booking, the tenant will receive a receipt of the booking fee which is 50% of the rent. The money will be withdrawn from tenant’s credit card within 1 week.
2 months prior to the renting period, the tenant will receive a request for payment of the balance rent (50%) and the deposit. If booking takes place less than 2 months prior to the renting period the total renting amount and the deposit has to be paid at the same time. No later than 14 days after departure the deposit will be made up and refunded to the tenant’s account.


If, against expectations, there should be any complaints in connection with the house, the tenant must immediately inform the landlord. The landlord will correct the fault as soon as possible.
Complaints in connection with cleaning must be lodged with the landlord immediately upon arrival and before moving into the holiday house. The landlord will thereafter inspect the house as soon as possible and initiate further cleaning, if necessary.


Pay attention to neighbors!
Remember to keep windows and doors closed when playing music or holding a party. No later than 11 p.m. , there must be peace and quiet. Guests should stay indoors. Noise that bothers the neighbors will, if necessary, be reported to the police. We ask you to take this into account so that everyone, also in the future, can enjoy the house.

Payment Methods

We accept Dankort, Visa and Mastercard. This also is illustrated at the bottom of the website.